The Mindset Shift

Nov 24, 2021

What's keeping you from living a life that's more rewarded and you are more fulfilled? Is it time to shift your mindset and belief systems to get out of the way for something new, fresh, and exciting? Find out some ways you can start thinking differently today.

Shifting your mindset and thinking to be more creative and expansive can be a game-changer in your success and overall well-being. Many get stuck by creating stories of whom they believe they are or want to be rather than being open, honest, and real with themself. So, what's it take to get out of your way and start living the life you want and to stop hiding behind false beliefs and muses? What's the real story behind your story?

You may wonder what shifting your mindset means and why you would even want to do so.  Shifting your mindset is about beginning to know and accept yourself and all you have to offer yourself.  It is about shedding all the false stories, beliefs, and everything else that disempowers, hinders, slows, and limits you from asking for, getting, or fulfilling what you want without excuses. It softens your edges and breaks through barriers that often define you. A simple shift in your mindset comes down to focusing on yourself and committing to living the life you want and being the one you would like to be.  I have seen this significant shift in several people I have coached over the past decade.

When I think about the executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders I have worked with, most focus on what they do rather than being who they are, limiting their achievements and overall success. It is tough to change your mindset, and it takes time, patience, and commitment. Notably, you will always face that well-ingrained thought lurking in the back of your mind that will not go away no matter what you do, and it will continue to come back again and again until you shift your thinking.  It takes consistent practice, and that's hard to do as we are impatient human beings by nature. We want that rush of instantaneous gratification, and no matter what others say or do, you will keep going back to that voice that rubs salt in the self-inflicted wounds that you hold dear to your heart.  It will continue to consume you until you get tired of playing the game and decide enough is enough.  When your mind shifts, you finally accept who you are and not who you're not. The story behind the story finally begins to change, and you begin to grow and prosper, getting out of your way and living the life you deserve.

If you are to make the shift to living your best life, you need to be able to thank yourself for what you have accomplished and what's ahead.  An incredible thing happens when you begin to accept yourself and to just do it for yourself. You become a single-minded purposeful action-taking machine, and you just do it.  I will be honest this is not an easy journey. When I am tired and not on my game, I don't feel like I accomplished what I wanted to and not living life on my terms.  But I never quit, and I had come to realize that when I started down this new path of living my life as I wanted and wanted to be, I felt empowered to face life with no limits. But be reminded that self-sabotage, emotions, and fears will hide around every corner and stop us from getting to the next step.  It can come in the form of a good friend, family member, a close connection to someone else, a book, or a magazine that tells us, "Stop, don't go there or do that you might fail or something worse might happen." When you accept that this is a story playing out inside you, you can traverse it quickly and play bolder, bigger, and be more competent in your life.  At some point, the game will change, and you will begin to feel the gratitude and joy you're seeking.  Just know happiness is your natural state and focus your energy here.  When you shift your mindset to being present, you create an opening for what's possible to move forward.  Sometimes we go around worrying about others and what they think of us.  We worry about the opinions we are creating by others.  We must remember to stay grounded and focus on the right things.

The deck is always stacked against anyone wishing to live their dream, and the only one to control the game is you.  If you are serious about finding your voice and making the right choices, you need to reach for the things that excite and inspire you.  In the game of life, it is the only person you have to play with is you.  Take a deep look at what you are doing today because it will change your game tomorrow.  Start by owning and playing your own game. Create magic and change your life. More success, freedom, and happiness are right in front of you.

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